Manufacturer: Eaton Tripp Lite

In today's fast-paced world, your business's power protection needs to be as dynamic and reliable as the technology it supports. From cyber threats to natural disruptions, there's no room for uncertainty. That's where TJR Global steps in — as your authorized distributor of Tripp Lite, we're equipped to fortify your infrastructure against a multitude of risks.

Our partnership with Eaton Tripp Lite ensures you have access to the best in power protection, with products designed for resilience. Beyond just products, we offer the insight to build a robust defense against downtime. And when it comes to emergency power, Eaton Tripp Lite’s battery backups are a game-changer. They’re not just backups; they're business continuity guarantees. With scalable, DIN rail-mounted power solutions, we can outfit an entire building, ensuring that even in the face of random power disruptions, your operations never shutdown.
Don't wait for a power failure to reveal your system's weaknesses. Contact us today and we can help secure your operations with Eaton Tripp Lite's trusted power protection.

Largest Earthquake in Taiwan since 1999

A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan's eastern coast near Hualien County, causing nine deaths and injuring 800. This event, the most severe since 1999, poses significant disruptions to the global technology sector by impacting the Asian semiconductor supply chain. Major chipmakers such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), UMC, Vanguard International Semiconductor, and Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing have suspended some production for safety inspections and employee relocations. Despite the epicenter being distant from the key manufacturing sites, precautionary measures included evacuating and shutting down facilities, especially affecting TSMC's operations in Hsinchu, Tainan, and Taichung. TSMC experienced temporary suspensions in its advanced process nodes and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment usage, expected to delay shipments and add production pressure. Analysts predict challenges in restoring production and maintaining quality, with potential increased pricing pressure within the sector. This disruption may lead to a halt in electronics manufacturing globally, affecting economies such as Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam.

SANTA CLARA, California: In a significant boost to U.S. chip manufacturing, Intel has unveiled plans to invest $100 billion in expanding its factories across four states, leveraging $19.5 billion in federal support. The initiative includes creating the world's largest AI chip production site in Ohio, promising substantial economic and technological advancements.

Vietnam's President Resigns Amid Political Turbulence

HANOI: The resignation of Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong, amid accusations of violating party rules, has stirred political unrest, potentially affecting foreign investor confidence. This development reflects ongoing political shifts and the impact of anti-corruption campaigns on the nation's leadership stability.

Russia Warns Against Militarization of Space by U.S. Firms

MOSCOW: Russia has issued a stark warning regarding U.S. efforts to integrate commercial satellite operators into its military space strategy, notably pointing out SpaceX's involvement. Such activities, according to Russia, legitimize targeting these satellites in potential conflicts, raising tensions in space militarization debates.

WMO Reports Record-Breaking Climate Figures for Last Year

GENEVA: The World Meteorological Organization has announced distressing climatic milestones for the past year, with unprecedented global temperature and ocean heat records. The WMO emphasizes the urgent need for intensified climate action to mitigate escalating environmental impacts and protect global ecosystems.

NASA's DART Mission Alters Asteroid's Trajectory and Shape

WASHINGTON: NASA's innovative DART mission, aimed at testing asteroid deflection capabilities, has successfully altered both the orbit and physical structure of the asteroid Dimorphos. This groundbreaking achievement not only showcases human potential to safeguard Earth from celestial threats but also offers valuable insights into asteroid compositions and behaviors.